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We love to hear about the experiences of our current students and alumni.  Here is what they are saying about us!

“[The most] excellent student I have ever had.” – Student Preceptor, 2018

“The student has a lot of compassion and is always ready and willing to assist.  As a preceptor, I am very proud of being with her!” – Student Preceptor, 2018

“This has truly been an eye opening experience for me this past year. So much new knowledge and new perspectives that have challenged me in so many unexpected ways. I feel as if a whole new compartment of my brain has been woken up and now after being asleep for the last 40 years  will not shut down. I have never wanted to be a trail blazer but now I want to be involved in the new frontier and know that I was part of a movement that really made a change in people’s lives as much as it has sparked the change in mine.” – Community Support Worker Graduate, 2017

“I want to thank you for the foundation that you helped lay for me in 2014. I will never forget Being, Becoming, and Belonging. This was the greatest concept I ever learned in my life. I have gone to apply it everywhere!” – Community Support Worker Graduate, 2014

“Class discussion was not boring; we discussed the lesson not by just reading the book.  Class discussion was based on important information in the course and supported with personal experiences.”Health Care Aide Student, 2017

“I am very satisfied with the excellent knowledge and instruction that I received. I have successfully obtained 2 different positions! So thank you again for everything – the experience has been unforgettable.” – Health Care Aide Graduate, 2017

“Attending Excel has been a total game changer for me…..taking this course has completely reinvigorated me!! I can’t tell you how excited I am to represent such a fantastic school.” – Health Care Aide Graduate, 2017

“I recently took the Navigating Ethical Practice course taught by Kathy Peters. I just wanted to say that this was an excellent training course; one that we should have had many many years ago for all of our employees.  The content is up-to-date, accurate to our services and sensitively discussed when the topics tended to be dicey. Kathy did an amazing job teaching this course and facilitating the ethical discussions. We all had the liveliest discussions around the scenario reviewed.” – Professional Development Student, 2017

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