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Courses (P-W)

Persons Directed Planning Training

Human services agencies are shifting from a focus on agency practices and system rules to being more centered on what choices persons with disabilities want in their lives regarding their care, lifestyles and inclusion in community lives. One of the most powerful methods for achieving these goals is person directed planning training. This full day course explores this concept.

Positions, Transfers, and Lifts

Lifting and transferring are among the most frequent personal care activities support workers are responsible for when supporting individuals with disabilities or the elderly. This full day course is part of the Government of Alberta Health Care Aide Provincial Curriculum, and will provide participants with the skills to lift his/her clients properly.

Positive Behavioral Supports – Level 1

This 2 day course is the follow-up training session to “Introduction to Responding to Behaviors of Concern”. Both of these training sessions are mandatory employee courses for all staff hired with Excel Society and they were developed in response to the practice of requiring Planned Procedures. “Positive Behavioral Supports – Level 1” introduces participants to the strategy of responding to challenging behavior through a comprehensive approach. It builds on prior training of functional assessments by taking a more thorough and practice-based review of “baselines” – the starting point of any well written behavior management plan. Many of the “vague” and less-understood concepts, which are a part of any well-written Planned Procedure, are studied more in depth throughout this course. Finally, participants will get an overview introduction to and practice with various forms of data collection – a respected skill valued across professional services.

Routine Practices with Additional Precautions

This half day course will introduce participants to terminology, practices and recognition of the importance of procedures which reduce transmission of harmful pathogens and disease.

Serving it Safe

This 3 hour course, offered by Alberta Health Services, covers a variety of topics surrounding food safety. A certificate is issued by Alberta Health Services to successful individuals who achieve a passing mark on a written exam.

Supportive Pathways

This 2 day course, developed by Carewest, has been chosen as the provincial curriculum for dementia care training, and is one of the mandatory courses required for anybody who is currently studying to earn their Health Care Aide (HCA) competency, or who wants to work at a site that supports persons with diagnosis of dementia. Please note that this course is only offered every several months.

Supportive Workplace & Diversity

This full day course explores the need for support workers to recognize the diversity of their coworkers cultures, backgrounds and personal histories.


This online course is a hands-on approach to the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System that details information regarding the hazards of materials produced, sold in, imported and used in workplaces.