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Courses (A-F)

Abuse Awareness, Protocols & Prevention

This course combines online training and readings that are dedicated to creating a zero tolerance agency culture with respect to abuse issues. The comprehensive training reviews both the mandatory abuse reporting in Provincial Legislation – “Protection of Persons In Care Act” as well as the “Abuse Prevention and Response Protocols” presented by the Provincial Board, Persons with Developmental Disabilities. The online portion of the program, provided through Open Futures Learning, includes the following:

This module offers one of the only dedicated abuse prevention and safeguarding trainings that is truly specialized to the needs of the people we support. This is not a generic human services or health and social care training. Expect passion, values, first-hand examples, and stories to underline the importance of keeping people safe.

This module teaches support staff how to recognize and report abuse. It underlines a zero tolerance approach to abuse, and clearly explains the role and responsibilities of the support staff person.

We also offer a dedicated review detailing how the support professional can help the people they support to be their own frontline of defense against abuse.

This module includes video presentations from Dave Hingsburger, Simon Duffy, Tanya Carnell, Gary Kent, Roger Crown, Steve Dymond, Sam Sly, Doreen Kelly, and Beth Mount.

The course is supplemented with reading from ‘Home Safe’.

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CPI (Non-Violent Crisis Prevention and Intervention)

This two day courses is only available for Excel Society employees and Community Support Worker students (audit only). Non-violent Crisis Prevention and Intervention is a world renown, nationally recognized program. It is based on a safe, non-harmful behaviour management system designed to help support workers provide the best possible care and welfare of assaultive, disruptive or out of control clients even during the most violent moments. This course is taught by certified CPI instructors.

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One of the most sought after characteristics for any support worker is the extent to which they care and support clients; this ability is second only to their ability to document the excellent support they provide. Documentation, the ability to professionally prove in a durable format the excellent support provided, is the foundation of all support services. This half day training session takes basic recording of information to the level of “Professional Documentation” by identifying value-based, thoughtfully developed, policy specific, efficient and accurate documentation processes.

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First Aid and CPR (Level C)

In this two day course participants will receive certified instruction in the Red Cross Standardized First Aid with CPR (Level C) program.

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