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Courses (G-M)

Great Supervision – Level 1

This 2 day workshop gives supervisors some tips on managing groups of employees. Along with giving participants some planning tools and advice on stress management, participants will also gain skills and understanding of topics such as leadership, improving employee satisfaction, feedback, discipline, and teamwork. Space is limited.

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Great Supervision – Level 2

This advanced 2 day workshop gives supervisors further expertise on managing groups of employees. Participants will gain skills and understanding of topics such as dealing with advanced communication, difficult issues with employees, creative thinking for dealing with stressful situations, problem solving, and managing change and transition. Space is limited.

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Harm Reduction

This two hour course will provide participants with an introduction to Harm reduction is a set of practical strategies to reduce the negative consequences of high risk behaviors such as:

  • alcohol consumption
  • tobacco use
  • risky sex
  • licit or illicit drug use

It is a non-confrontational and non-judgmental approach to help the person deal with the problems that are most troublesome in their lives, and teaches how to provide initial strategies and support requirements for front line staff to work with clients with addictions.

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Introduction to Responding to Behaviors of Concern

This introductory-level staff training enables front-line staff members to better handle both unanticipated and anticipated behaviors of concern. Upon completion of this training, participants will know the appropriate response steps they need to follow given a sudden unexpected behavior or situation. If a situation and/or behavior of concern has happened before, then participants are also being taught the processes and expectations involved with the development of a “planned procedure”. These procedures are developed according to legal consent and thorough proactive planning, and provide staff guidance to identify strategies to intervene appropriately.

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Medication Administration

Proper, responsible and professional Medication Administration is an essential aspect of community care. This one and a half day course is designed to enhance the medication administration skills of Paraprofessionals within any human service organization. Learn specific, regulated, safe and appropriate skills for all aspects of medication administration through study of a prepared manual, participation in multi media presentation and practical learning exercises. Learners are introduced to electronic medical record keeping using the Catalyst system.

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