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Mandt System® Training

Note: This 3 day course is currently only available to Excel Society employees.

“The Mandt System® training courses are based upon the philosophy that all people have a right to be treated with dignity and respect, the right to personal identity, the right to normalization and the right to the least restrictive and most appropriate environment. We believe that all individuals should be seen as people first. Therefore, we believe that relationships should be based on principles in which people are allowed to participate in decisions about their lives. We recognize and consider people´s behavior, even negative behavior, as a form of communication. Our approach to relationships with people requires that we proactively meet the needs of others striving to improve relationships by learning to avoid repeating mistakes.”

“The Mandt System® program presents an education and training system of gradual and graded alternatives for de-escalating and supporting people, using a combination of interpersonal communication skills and physical interaction techniques designed to reduce injury to all the participants in an encounter.”

-The Mandt System® Training Foundation