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Introduction to Responding to Unusual Situations & Behaviors of Concern

This introductory-level staff training enables front-line staff members to better handle both unanticipated and anticipated behaviors of concern. Upon completion of this training, participants will know the appropriate response steps they need to follow given a sudden unexpected behavior or situation. If a situation and/or behavior of concern has happened before, then participants are also being taught the processes and expectations involved with the development of a “planned procedure”. These procedures are developed according to legal consent and thorough proactive planning, and provide staff guidance to identify strategies to intervene appropriately.


  • Learn how to utilize Proactive Positive Approaches to minimize the likelihood of an unsual event or behaviour of concern
  • Become familiar with the tools and resources available to staff when facing an unusual situation or behavior of concern
  • Gain an understanding of the process for how Planned Positive Procedures are developed and evaluated

Cost: $50.00