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Referal Bonus Program

To all students of the Excel Academy and employees of the Excel Society,

We are pleased to introduce our Referral Bonus Program. The Excel Academy proudly provides some of the highest quality training programs in our sector. As we are operating as a non-profit organization, we are also able to provide training at significantly lower costs than most other training institutes, while never compromising in quality. It’s those high standards of training that are among the most important aspects to you and to anyone you refer. Established in 2000, the Excel Academy provides quality educational programs. We encourage you to join in this proud history by letting more students know about our academy and the benefits from our life-changing educational programs.

We want to reward our graduates and employees of the Excel Society directly for referring students to our college.

How does the Referral Program Work?

If you know somebody who wants to become a Health Care Aide or Community Support Worker and are looking for a college that offers superior training, supportive Instructors, smaller class sizes, and a holistic approach to their education, refer them to Excel Academy.

How much do I get when my referral is enrolled?

$100 to $250 for each referral, conditions may apply, please contact us for more details at 780-441-7999 ext. 0 (full details below).

How do I refer someone?

Please call us at 780-441-7999, email us at info@excelacademy.ca or CLICK HERE to provide the referrals’ information through the contact form. That’s it, your job is done!

When your referrals come in for an appointment, based on the information submitted by you earlier, we will know that they are referred by you and we will do the rest to assist your referrals. It’s a simple process that will benefit both you and the referred students!

When do I get the referral reward?

Once your referral makes an appointment with one of our Instructors for an interview, they will be assisted in selecting the right certificate program, filing in any funding applications (if applicable), and finalize the enrollment process. Once accepted into their program, as soon as a student in good payment standing has completed 2 months (60 days) of any certificate program, we will contact you to arrange delivery of your reward.

Valid photo ID must be presented to receive the reward; all income taxes earned are the responsibility of the participant.

In the event of ANY dispute, Excel Academy’s decision shall be final.
Excel Academy reserves the right to modify or discontinue this referral program at any time. We appreciate all previous referrals to our programs, but please note that our new referral bonus program only applies to referrals and registrations made on or after December 18th, 2013.

When are the next certificate programs starting?

September 2014


Referral bonus amounts will be paid as follows:

  1. 1.    $100 for all referrals to either the HCA-PLAR or CSW-PLAR programs
  2. 2.    $100 for first and second referral to the HCA or CSW programs*
  3. 3.    $250 for the third and subsequent referrals to the HCA or CSW programs*

*to be considered for the 2nd, 3rd, etc, referral, the referrals must be made for new students enrolled in programs within one year. Thus, if a first referral is made for a January 2014 start date, then to qualify as a 2nd, 3rd, referral, etc., subsequent referrals must start in a certificate program by September 2014. Any referrals after this date (i.e.: January 2015 and beyond) would then count as a 1st referral.

Other conditions:

  1. Referrals must be made before or by the time a prospective student applies to one of the certificate programs. Once a student has been accepted into the program (i.e.: have paid their registration fee and signed a student contract), we will not accept claims of referrals.
  2. Prospective students may indicate that they were referred to the program by a current or former student of the Excel Academy or current employee of the Excel Society, providing they can provide the name of the person that referred them. They must declare this at the time of application that they were referred to the program by a current student or graduate of the Excel Academy or a current Excel Society employee and provide contact information regarding the referring student/employee. Students that withdraw from their certificate program before 2 months will not be considered a successful referral.
  3. Students that withdraw from their certificate programs and re-register for a program within one year will be reconsidered as a referral, pending completion of 60 days of their certificate.
  4. Employees and contracted instructors of the Excel Academy are not eligible to receive this bonus.