Excel Academy - For A Career That Matters - T: (780) 441-7999, 10766 97 Street, Edmonton, AB T5H 4R2

Campus Highlights

There are many benefits associated with attending the Excel Academy.  Here are just a few!

Small Class Sizes

One of the reasons the Excel Academy feels like a small community is because that’s what we are!  Our small class size affords us the ability to get to know our students, provide direct support and individualized learning, and facilitate interactive discussion.

Location & Accessibility

There are advantages to attending our centrally located campus!  Just off downtown and nestled in the heart of one of the most culturally diverse areas of Edmonton, the Excel Academy is on major bus routes, a five minute walk to the LRT, close to medical facilities such as the Royal Alexandra Hospital and near shopping centers like Kingsway Garden Mall, Lucky 97 and Edmonton City Centre.

We are located in the south tower of the Grand Manor, an active designated assisted living facility managed by the Excel Society.  Our unique location offers students the opportunity to observe and interact with clients, staff and family members. We are a secure location with outside cameras, buzzed entry in off peak hours and are wheelchair accessible.

Resource Center

The Excel Academy has a resource center for student who wish to complete computer work and studying on campus.  Students who are completing exams, assignments or online coursework are often within feet of the assistance of an Instructor or administrative support.  The Resource Center also has a student loan information center, with immediate access to frequently used forms and related material.

Free WiFi

Students can access our WiFi network.

Student Assistance Program

We are committed to supporting our students’ wellness in all areas. Partnering with HumanaCare, students have access to immediate and confidential access to a variety of programs and services including:
• Short term solution focused counselling
• Life Coaching
• HumanaLife™ – Online Wellness Platform
• Substance Abuse Assessment/Referral
• Career Development
• Legal Advice
• Financial Planning
• Critical Stress Management
• Wellness Seminars
• Nutritional counseling
• Healthcare System Navigation support

Guaranteed Employment Interviews

Successful graduates have guaranteed employment interviews with Excel Society, a not-for-profit organization supporting Albertans with disabilities and mental illness for over 50 year.