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Excel Academy has opted to have our offices be open by appointment only at this time. We are still available to assist you and invite you to reach out to us with any questions or support needs . You can reach us by email at info@excelacademy.ca or call us at 780-441-7999 ext. 0. or use the Contact Us link on the website. In addition to meeting with one our faculty team by appointment, we can also arrange to assist you virtually online should you need more immediate face-to-face assistance. Any in-person classes on the calendar will run as scheduled, with staff and students following all necessary safety guidelines.

We will be running select Professional Development Courses in November and December, while also maintaining our highest standards of safety in following Covid-19 prevention guidelines. We will be offering the following:

Medication Assistance for the Healthcare Provider: November 24 and December 9, 2020, 9:00 am – noon

Positioning, Lifts, Transfers, Mobility, and Restraints for non-HCAs: December 3, 2020, 9:00 am – 3:00 pm.

Contact us at 780-441-7999 ext. 0, email us at info@excelacademy.ca, or fill in the contact form below for more information:



Wanting to make a fresh start this coming year?  Our Health Care Aide program can help you do just that!

Our next Full-time Online Blended Programs starts January 4, 2021. In-class options are tentatively set for April 5, 2021.

To register or for inquires, contact us at 780-441-7999 ext. 0, email us at info@excelacademy.ca or complete the Contact Form below:

To assist in preparing guests back to Excel Academy, we have prepared the following Covid-19 Guidelines & Procedures to ensure the safety of our staff and students:

Distancing Measures and Gathering Restrictions:

• All employees and students entering Excel Academy are provided a copy of the directives that are in place to ensure the safety of everyone.
• Signage with a reminder to maintain 2m (6ft) will be posted throughout Excel Academy.
• All employees and students entering Excel Academy are pre-screened by completing a questionnaire and having their temperature recorded.
• Excel Academy is limiting classroom groups to less than 20 people – that includes students, staff, and instructors
• Academy is equipped with individual desks maintained at 2m (6ft) from each other.
• There is a limit of six (6) people in the main reception at any one time including Academy staff, Excel Society employees, Excel Academy students, and those using the computers.
• The Academy’s resource computers are maintained at 2m (6ft) and a physical barrier between each one. The mouse, keyboard, and desk area are disinfected using a Lysol wipe after each use. The Academy is equipped with a single person public washroom in the classroom area for student use.
• The hallway will be marked with 2m (6ft) intervals in the event a student or staff need to visit an Instructor.
• The Academy encourages computer users to provide their own headset. Where not possible to bring a personal headset, Excel Academy has loaner headsets available that are disinfected after each use.
• We request that those who wish to use Excel Academy computers to make an appointment with the Administrative Assistant to ensure physical distancing is maintained. Please contact Melissa at 780-441-7999 ex. 0 or info@excelacademy.ca to book an appointment.
• A mask will be worn by the Instructor and the student(s) if physical distancing cannot be maintained for instructional purposes.
• Staff and students may wear their own non-medical mask during classroom instruction if they wish. Non-medical masks* will be provided during lab skills when physical distancing is not possible.
*non-medical mask refers to any mask other than surgical or N95.

Employee and Student Screening:

• There are markers outside the Academy main reception and classroom at 2m (6ft) intervals to control the flow of traffic into the Academy.
• The Academy will not permit into its premises any person experiencing Covid-19 symptoms or who have a temperature greater than 37.0 C (98.6F) unless these are related to a pre-existing illness or health condition.
• One person at a time will complete an initial screening questionnaire and have their temperature recorded every day upon entry into the Academy reception or classroom
• Completed assessment forms are confidential and maintained in a separate file secured by the Administrative Assistant.
• Everyone entering the classroom space and Academy reception must complete hand hygiene using hand sanitizer provided by the Academy.
• Review and monitoring of students and staffs health information is held in the strictest confidentiality, unless required by law to disclose, including AHS.
• Staff and students must immediately contact their instructor if they become ill during or after attending a class.
• Students and staff are free to download the Alberta tracing app https://www.alberta.ca/ab-trace-together.aspx
• Staff and students are to bring their own food and water and these are not to be shared.

Enhanced Environmental Cleaning:

• Excel Academy ensures that shared pens (i.e.: at reception) are cleaned regularly. Pens requiring cleaning are in a separate basket marked “dirty”. The Administrative Assistant (or designate) will ensure pens are disinfected.
• Excel Academy staff disinfect high touch areas a minimum of three times a day. High touch areas include reception desk, computer desks, doorknobs, light switches, telephone receivers and buttons, computer keyboards, computer mice, chair arms, bathroom faucet handles, etc.
• The Instructor using the classroom disinfects the classroom desks and chairs and the outside of the microwave at the end of the day.
• Students assist in maintaining the cleaning and disinfecting of the lab rooms after each session.
• There will be Lysol wipes kept in the bathrooms for people to wipe surfaces before and after use.
• Garbage can will not have lids on them making disposal of paper towel and other rubbish easy.
• Excel Academy has a reasonable expectation that staff and students will clean and disinfect their personal area upon leaving the classroom area or when using the Academy computer space.
• Clean surfaces with a disinfectant using the “wipe-twice” technique. Wipe surfaces with a cleaning agent to clean off soil and then wipe again with a disinfectant.
• Academy only uses approved disinfectants – all disinfectants used have an 8-digit DIN number on the label. Alternatively, a bleach-water solution is sufficient for disinfection at the ratio of 100 ml of unscented household bleach to 900 ml of water.

Rapid Response:

• If a person develops signs and symptoms of illness while at the Excel Academy that person will perform hand hygiene, put on a mask, and leave the premises:
o That person is required by law to isolate at home immediately.
o That person is not permitted to take public transportation as per CMOH Order 05-2020. The Academy will arrange for a pick up or a taxi home.
o Report a CoVID-19 positive test to the Instructor and AHS.
• Excel Academy will fully cooperate with AHS to ensure those potentially exposed to the individual receive the correct guidance.

• Any deliberate breach of the Academy’s directives or this plan is to be immediately reported to the Excel Academy Director who will report the breach to:
o The Excel Society
o Alberta Health Services (AHS)
o Alberta Advanced Education (Private Vocational Training Branch)
• Once reported the Director will ensure implementation of any directives given to ensure the health and safety of staff and students.
• Use paper towel to open and close the microwave door between each person. Maintain the 2m (6ft) distance while waiting for the microwave.
• Report any concerns to an Instructor or Administrative Assistant.
• Should the staff of Excel Academy learn of two or more staff or students that have become symptomatic and have a known location link (e.g., attended the same class), the Director or designate will notify Alberta Health Services (811).

General Prevention Measures:

• Everyone can mitigate risk of transmission away from the Academy by being mindful while commuting to and from work and school, at home and shared living spaces, and other activities away from work and school.
• Staff, students, and employees of the Excel Academy are responsible to conduct a daily self-check for signs and symptoms of COVID 19 before entering the Academy.
• Excel Academy is mindful of mental health considerations during this time of physical distancing and isolation. The Academy encourages Excel Society employees to reach out to our Employee Assistance Program provided through our Benefit Package. For more information, contact the HR Department. Your enquiry is confidential.
• Students of the Excel Academy who require mental health support can reach out to their instructor for assistance if they choose. Your enquiry is confidential.
• All visitors such as delivery persons or a person from the public stopping in to ask about the Academy’s programs and services must sign in on the visitors log – the Academy must maintain the visitors log for a minimum of six weeks. Visitors must document their full name and phone number of the visitor in case contract tracing is required.
• Excel Academy prohibits social visits to the site.
• Excel Academy promotes and facilitates frequent proper hand hygiene for staff, students, and visitors:
o Washrooms contain soap, water, and paper towel.
o Academy provides alcohol-based hand sanitizer for staff, students, and visitors.


Wanting to make a fresh start this coming year?  We have upcoming HCA classes to help you do just that!

Full-time Day Programs starts February 3, 2020, and our full-time online/blended program starts January 6, 2020! To register or for inquires, contact us at 780-441-7999 ext. 0 or email us at info@excelacademy.ca.

Wanting to make a fresh start this Spring?  We have upcoming HCA classes to help you do just that!

Full-time Day and Evening Programs start May 27, 2019 and our full-time online/blended program starts April 29, 2019! To register or for inquires, contact us at 780-441-7999.


Excel Academy has undertaken a Soup & Socks Donation Drive in support of the Bissell Centre and the Edmonton Food Bank.  Donate new socks and canned soup at our downtown campus to help support Edmontonians and organizations in need.  We will also accept new packaged underwear, gloves, mittens, hats, and toques, as well as other non-perishable canned food items. The food and clothing will be delivered to the Bissell Centre and the Edmonton Food Bank on or by December 21, 2018.

For questions or further information, please contact Kimberley Stewart, Program Administrator at kstewart@excelacademy.ca or 780-441-7996.

We appreciate your support!


Happy Health Care Aide Day to all HCAs in Alberta today!  HCAs go by many names (nursing aides, nursing attendants, personal care aides, personal support workers, care companions, and support workers to name a few!) so please take a moment to recognize and thank those that provide compassionate care and support to the ill, elderly, families, vulnerable populations, those with disabilities, and more.

THANK YOU for all that you do!

~ Excel Academy Faculty and Staff

We know, we know.  NO ONE wants to think about the cold, the dark, and the snow that your mind pictures when thinking of January.  But what if there was an exciting new opportunity to enhance your life to look forward to?  Maybe then January might not look so bad!

Excel Academy happens to have that new opportunity!  With new Health Care Aide classes starting as early as January 2nd you can start your 2019 off right by investing in your education, and yourself.

Program dates include:

January 2, 2019 – Full Time Online/Blended

January 28, 2019 – Full Time In Class (Day and Evening available)

February 4, 2019 – Part Time Online/Blended